View Full Version : Main Volume Control - Was Stuck

05-31-2012, 06:25 AM
In playing one of my older albums in Flac quality, I was tweaking the settings to get the best possible sound and noticed a possible anomaly.

Main volume level for the Phoebus UI software

For the past couple of weeks in using the Phoebus I noticed the main volume level (using headphones) in the UI had never changed (stuck?), whether I used the controller knob or the Windows volume control. The Volume Control for headphones (the one with L/R changes) moves ok.

It was only when I actually moved the slider to the left to decrease the volume (suddenly went quite loud) that it starting working correctly for the first time, now at the ideal volume. Any idea why this became 'stuck' and is this a one-off?

Update: You can replicate this by switching from Headphones to Speakers and use the hardware controller to adjust the volume. To check this, make sure your software is on Volume Control to watch the levels and adjust the controller. For me the Main volume (top right) doesn't move but the Volume Control levels do - may work vice versa.