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06-01-2012, 06:18 AM
Hey guys,

I bought my G75 about 24 hours ago, and I'm loving it so far. I've run into a couple of problems though! The first one occurred randomly, where the entire system would crash after a minute or two of logging into my account. Turns out that problem was being caused by the preinstalled McAfee antivirus, so I uninstalled it. So that's one problem down. The second problem breaks my heart though, as I've spent the better part of today researching it, to no avail! My G75 is connected to my home theater system through HDMI, which in turn is connected to my TV though HDMI as well. For some reason, the laptop won't detect my 5.1 setup, nor will it allow me to manually choose it in the sound properties! It only shows 2 channels as being available! After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that the Nvidia card is using the EDID info from the home theater system to determine the number of available audio channels, and there's no option to override it! Interestingly though, I have a video encoded with dolby 5.1, and when I play it through CinePlayer, it outputs it in 5.1, but as soon as the video is over, it reverts back to only showing 2 channels!

This is driving me crazy! I love gaming in HD, and the graphics on this laptop have exceeded my expectations, but gaming with 5.1 has become a necessity for me, especially in FPS games, where I rely on positional audio to hear my enemies :P

Sorry for the long post, and I appreciate any input.

PS: I have the G75 with the GTX670M.

08-12-2012, 01:00 AM

I have exactly the same problem, does anybody have a solution to getting the 5.1 surround sound for gaming?

08-13-2012, 10:19 PM
The current audio drivers have issues with surround decoding. This may or may not be carrying over to HDMI.


09-19-2014, 07:30 AM
sound>select hdmi as default>configure>5.1 surround>test>enjoy:cool:

09-22-2014, 01:16 AM
http://www.mediacollege.com/hardware/connectivity/hdmi/pc-audio.html hope this helps

09-22-2014, 07:56 PM
OK, NVidia only controls the sound coming through the HDMI or Display port, Digital sound. You note book itself is only 2-1. What you are experiencing is correct NVidia is producing the 5.1 signal from the Source its self. Your games are being played on your notebook so only 2-1. The headphone plug is also a Fiber Optic connection I think if you connect that to your AV system you will get the 5.1 or what ever your Game is out putting!! I don't know to much about the fiber optic connection but you'll need a special Plug and Cable and this has been discussed in theses threads some where.