View Full Version : The Future of 3D gaming NOW! SLI as standard for increased framerates in 3D.

02-20-2011, 07:04 AM
It seems to me that the natural solution to the problem of 50% loss in fps when playing games in 3D would be to make a dual card graphics configuration standard for all 3D notebooks. Nvidia has been promoting dual graphics (sli) for years and, contrary to press, its active shutter 3D technology has actually been around for almost as long. Rather than lamenting the fact that 120hz 3D capable laptop screens need to have considerably less pixels if present-day single graphics cards are to cope (when most people actually want full 1080 HD) would it not make more sense to simply combine these two technologies? For most games players, high framerates are the key -- which is why there seems to be a general consensus that 3D gaming is at an immature stage in its development and that we need to wait for the technology to catch up with the present resurgence of 3D mania. But, in fact, the technology is already available. It's just that no one has implemented this obvious solution yet. The Asus G53JW 3D notebook is a thing of beauty but it is still underpowered. I wonder what the benchmarks for an sli model would be utilizing two 460m gpus? The thought sends a pleasant tingle up and down my spine.