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James Ward
06-05-2012, 04:13 AM
At first, I just had to reposition the jack and it would usually be pretty good, however, now if I'm lucky enough to get it into a position where it links it and then let it go, it will then start flickering back and forth from AC to battery over and over. You can hear a little bit of buzz when I wiggle the power cord around in there and after trying to play with it to get it to sync up and pulling it out, the tip of the cord can get pretty hot, not hot enough to burn me but hot enough that it doesn't feel normal. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Extra Info:
I purchased my laptop back in Mar of this year (2012), I bought it refurbished from Newegg, when I first got it I noticed no major issues, minus the fact that the keyboard would not light up, so I sent it off to have this repaired right quick. I left to go on a deployment (military) and so my wife had to send it to me because it got back a little late. Since it has gotten here, I have gotten considerably frustrating issues with the power jack that have only gotten worse. Also, sadly, I don't have all those tools for repair available to me and the warranty expires in about a week and it takes at least 2 weeks to ship this thing anywhere in the states from here.

James Ward
06-05-2012, 05:39 AM
So after trying to do some light playing around to see if I can remedy it slightly, it appears to have gotten worse, now the only way I find to keep it powered is to basically pull/push the cable down (to where the connector goes up) and it will sync up and power as long as I'm doing that, as soon as I let go, it goes back to battery, no matter what. :(

06-05-2012, 07:01 AM
i'm pretty sure your charger cable is damaged, the negative and positive cable touch each other causing this, i wrote a few days ago some guidelines to test this issue with a tester and how fix it on this thread:


if you continue to use your charger this way your battery life will get dramatically shortened, if it didn't happened already...

06-05-2012, 08:45 AM
I had a very similar issue with mine, I ended up just sending it in to Asus and they replaced the jack.

James Ward
06-05-2012, 09:05 AM
Yea, it's looking like that's what I'm going to have to do sadly, which really honestly isn't an issue for me, it's the fact that the military here is so slow and lazy when it comes to shipping it'll be at least a month before I ever get the laptop back. I've already RMA'd this thing once, it's a great laptop but all these issues have made me wish I hadn't bought it like this. I'm not exactly in a position where I go can get all the parts and tools needed to take it apart, test it, and put it back together out here.

06-05-2012, 03:24 PM
the only thing you need is a compatible pin, which a local electricity shop should have... either way... if you really need it you can just buy a new charger...

06-05-2012, 04:16 PM
well there is a way to perform a temporary fix to the pin... i wouldn't suggest it because its risky, but i've done it before when i needed to and couldn't get a pin... there is no guarranty it will work either, it depends on the layout of the connector cables and the deph of the problem...

i'm still suggesting you try to get a compatible pin for the charger, an electrical shop should have it... even if you are in the democatric republic of congo... and it should cost you less than a dollar... specially since asus chose a very common connector for the charger... even if you don't find a shop that sells pins, you can still find a cheap adaptor that uses the same one and rip it off to replace the one in your charger...

if you still want to do this, do it at your own risk...

basically the problem is that the plastic that surrounds the power cables melted... it usually happens right on the end that connects to the pc.. the problem is that original chargers do not have replasable pins, there is hard plastic surrounding the pins right up to the end where the cables are soldered... when i say it usually happens on that end is because of that design, the cables get hot after an extensive usage, some twisting damage the first layer of plastic and at some point they touch each other... the plastic surrounding the cables gave them more resistance and the movement is more likely to damage them...

as i told you before, those pins are not designed to be replasable, but you can still try to fix it... if you carefully peal the plastic of the connector with a knife, you will see the cables going inside the pin, i said carefully because if you brake the cable on the pin, at some poing it will be impossible to do this...

you need to keep on peeling the connector until you are positive both cables do not touch each other and there is some space left so you can attach the cables back to the pin, chances are you won't have enough cable to apply tape and you will have to use it with the naked cables...

check this basic sketch i made to see what i mean:


if you manage to peel the connector with any tool you have, so that you can make the wires touch with the ones of the charger, then it will work for some time... untill the cables rip off the pin... also probably you will have to peel all the way to almost the end, where the cables are soldered...

if you try this you will end up with something like i drew on the sketch... its a pretty nasty fix...

now without a tester there is no way you can test which cable goes where, but try and error... again do this at your own risk, if you connect them inverted, probably it will just not give power to the laptop, reduce even more the life of the battery (don't ever use it without battery like this, if you attach it inverted and without battery it will most likely burn your mother...); if you see its not powering it up disconnect it asap... i can't guarranty there would be no damage done to the machine because of connecting bad the cables, even with the battery on, i'm probably right on everything i said, and i talk out of personal experience with other notebooks, but every one can react differently to different stresses, so it may not be the case...

06-05-2012, 04:39 PM
i'm still suggesting you try to get a compatible pin for the charger, an electrical shop should have it... even if you are in the democatric republic of congo... and it should cost you less than a dollar... specially since asus chose a very common connector for the charger...

:D Just love your comparative narrative. No offense to the citizens of Congo, but with ASUS?
I'm mostly, give and take, an ASUS devotee. But you said it all..

James Ward
06-05-2012, 04:53 PM
Yea, I get what you're saying, just worried about delving into computer repair I haven't done before and I don't know if this is the problem, as it seems like its something inside the actual connector, either on the cable side or laptop side. I say this because I push down on the actual connector right at the tip of the laptop and it sinks up, it doesn't seem like it's an issue at the backside of the connector. Just my thoughts, but I don't know much at all about laptop repair.

06-05-2012, 05:18 PM
the reason im sure it is what i said is the heat you mentioned on the pin, when negative and positive touch each other they produce heat; i also replaced pins a dosen times on my last notebook and chinese chargers... i still own a cigar box filled with pins and flex cables for that old piece of c...

if you manage to get the pin in a store they even can fix it for you... the good thing about third world countries is that there are more repair places than the ones that actually sell you replacements (no offense ment, i live on one of these countries...)... you dont need to give them the notebook, just the charger... they may need to know the positive goes on the inside and negative on the outside...

i didn't ment to offend asus as well with the pin comment :p, i think it is wise from their part to keep it simple, since this is a common problem with chargers, imagine you needed to do the same with an apple pin... you would be screwed and forced to buy a new charger... and if apple made a notebook it draw as much power as this one i bet it will be a common problem as well...

the only real way to avoid this is to use bigger cables... but i think the charger is already big enough...

James Ward
06-05-2012, 06:05 PM
Yea, no offense taken lol, third deployment, all to countries with TCN's (Third Country Nationals) never bad people at all, just considered that because their countries are considered to be even lower than poverty level in the states. Yea, I guess I can give it a week on my old laptop and see if I can take that charger apart and have a look and go downtown my next day off to see if I can possibly get it worked. Yea well I love ASUS to death, but this right here saddens me, I have had my HP (which hardware wise is a piece of sh**) for 2 years now, and in 2010 when I first go it, all I did was sling that thing around. I was carrying back and forth across Kandahar Air Field 6 days a week for 6 months straight, and even as the rubber has split at the power brick and exposed the shielding, I have still to this day never had a single problem with the power cable for this thing, ever.

James Ward
06-05-2012, 06:10 PM
That would be awesome too if I could do just enough here to jerry rig it to use exposed until I can get it done professionally, as I really dislike this laptop for it's hardware, just got Diablo 3 and this things G105M is nothing compared to my G73SW's G405M. The 105 isn't even considered minimum spec to run the game lol.

06-05-2012, 07:14 PM
well you being lucky, all my knowledge on repairing notebooks is thanks to hp crappy warranty service, or in my country they just try to rip you off...(i'm not going to start on this because i have had a lot of issues with them, from inflated budgets to repair a notebook to fake ink cartridges that they sold causing issues with their printers...) in my c2duo hp notebook the original charger died after 2 years, then i replaced it with a chinese one, I've being fixing them in an average 6 month period ever since, in a period of 4 years i used 4 different chargers, all of them fixed at least twice, but one which came in contact with water and smoke start coming out of it...

the only possitive thing i can say about hp, is that after some time i treated that notebook like crap, and it kept on working... i used it all day long on the bed and didn't mind it overheating... i spilled coffee once on its keyboard and it didn't reached the mother... it fell from the desk three different times, only damage seen was a few vertical lines on the screen and hard drive failed once, a friend of mine accidentally sat on it and it still worked... i took it on a backpacker trip i made, where it sat on my backpack on a bus which good completely flooded while crossing a river; all my clothes got wet, notebook was in the middle, and to my surprise it was still working... it surviving the reckless usage it had for 6 years made me consider hp as my next notebook, even though i knew that it will not have any warranty whatsoever, but they didn't had a <15.9" one with space for to hard drives, so i picked asus, so far i love my g53, its build quality looks far superior; idk if it could handle the same usage my hp did, what i do know is that i don't want to try :P

also if for whatever reason you decide to rma your notebook from whatever country you are at, don't be surprised if they try to charge you huge import taxes when you receive your notebook back (on mine, for example, is from 50 to 71 % of the value of the notebook plus shipping)... some of them have some sort of policy that will let you declare your notebook before you ship it to avoid this, some don't... it may be wise to get info on this before doing an international rma...

James Ward
06-06-2012, 12:30 PM
Won't have to worry about shipping charges if I RMA it from here, I'm on am ilitary base and military bases are considered US territory, for example, my address is my name, my unit, APO, AE, zip code of the base. When you ship from a military base if you can get on one, its like shipping from a post office back in the states, just takes 10x as long cause until it gets back to the states it's on military flights and mail is space available on military flights, which there isn't much space available usually.

James Ward
06-06-2012, 12:32 PM
Oh, and yea, I'm the same, this HP has been through hell and back and is still going strong, weak but still pushing strong. I treat the ASUS as nicely as possible and it does this to me :(

11-26-2013, 10:31 PM
Interesting as most people assume it is the Power Supply or Cord that is bad.
I personally Tested my cord and then the jack with my Digital Multi-Meter and found the Middle (+) Pin actually either broke or
came unsoldered from the motherboard as I get no continuity (connection) Between the pin and the Motherboard unless I push the pi
Towards the Motherboard and I can see the pin moving slightly.
I attempted to re-solder the pin to the board and I can get it to now work only if I position the cord so it pulls down on the Jack
(which would in turn push the pin into the Motherboard)
I recently found on Amazon and Ebay replacement DC Jacks so I am going to get one and replace the entire unit since I believe it
would be the best option.
This has really frustrated me as I spent a good amount of $$ (Approx $1500) on the laptop and have been ultra careful with it
as far as cord positioning and keeping stress off of cord and jack, never eat or drink around the laptop, keep the cooling radiators etc.
Blown out (dust free) and clean it weekly sometimes Tri-Weekly yet this jack has started giving me issues.
I have taken some pics when I had it apart last couple days and will again when I replace the jack and will post those for others whom
may also be in this situation and do not want to send their laptop off for repairs.
I use my laptop daily for all sorts of things from banking to online purchasing etc. cannot afford to go without it for a week or so
even having it out of service for a day or two is not good.