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06-08-2012, 12:23 AM
bought a g53sw-a1 in september(9) 2011. it arrived exhibiting a gpu problem. one that shows up at random and breaks any gpu accelerated functions until a hard power off(will persist through restart, but not off>wait>poweron), and present graphical anomalies at the desktop, if it doesn't hardlock the machine.

i set up an rma to get this fixed back in october, but didn't make the rma validity deadline due to a health issue.

trying to get it set up again now that i have some options for doing so again, esupport keeps telling me "Call your reseller to inquire on warranty service as the system has undergone possible component changes. The unit requires service through your reseller."

i figure this is strange, but given my hard disk is a 500gb 7200rpm instead of stock 750gb, the optical drive was upgraded to a bluray read dvdsupermlti combo from dvd only, and the ram was upgraded to 12gb from 8gb at the reseller along with purchase of a third year north american warranty extension, maybe they need to hear from the reseller who set up the first rma to set up the new one.

so far the reseller now only wants to provide an rma number at cost to me for shipping, so they may swap in stock components then they set up rma and ship to asus for the repair, get the machine back, swap my components back in, then ship to me.

ostensibly this is to prevent asus "losing" custom components.

that's all very well and good, but under warranty there's tracked insured shipping provided.

shipping to them as an intermediate step means added cost for tracked insured shipping to them.

knowing the problem rests securely with either the mainboard or gpu, i've been trying to no avail to get a direct rma set up.

so far asus keeps telling me to contact the reseller. the reseller keeps trying to get me to send the machine to them at cost,
and i am beginning to get a bit weary of this.

so, who and or what do i need to contact/say/do to get my gpu replaced with a non defective unit under warranty, directly through asus with a shipping label et al.

so far i keep getting run in circles just trying to get an asus rma.

know its hardwired mainboard component or gpu with evidence STRONGLY supporting the likelihood of gpu or vram being faulty.
friends g53sw, and mothers g53sw-a1 do not exhibit the same problem. partition(and thus software stack) copied from their machines to mine fails to resolve the issue.
the problem can appear in safe mode windows, in expressgate, in ubuntu, and more.

memtest86 20+ hour runs show no ram issues.
seatools shows hdd is good.
disabling hdd in bios and booting os from usb drives the problem persists.
temperatures on cpu/gpu are withng normal reported ranges for the model on various forums, as well as observation on other local units.
cpu tests pass.
swapping power bricks between available g53sw's do not create the problem on other machines, and also do not fix the problem on this machine.

problem appears on built in display, vga attached display, and/or hdmi connected display, and may be captured by printscreen.

may appear anywhere from 30 minutes to 40 hours after a power on. may appear at idle loads(classic desktop with no effects, no active programs, gpu temps around 45C) high loads(gaming, 80+C), intermediate(web browsing, vlc playback with hardware acceleration OFF or on[~20%gpu load difference on vram used for framebuffer], ~50+C).

attached is example of desktop artifacts that pop into and out of existence when problem is in effect, at their nastiest.

06-08-2012, 02:37 AM
Mason@ASUS is the "Go To Guy" for RMA's on this forum. I recommend you send him a PM. If he cannot help you, no one can....

06-08-2012, 06:17 AM
if the seller is a authorized dealer... it should be able to go directly to ASUS, if they still say no, the dealer would have known this and should be covering shipping for offering upgrades............. +1 for contacting Mason@ASUS

06-08-2012, 03:51 PM
My G53 custom components (upgraded RAM, HDD, additional SSD, optical drive upgraded to BD), never had a problem with RMA so long as it's not on one of the upgraded components.

I havn't heard of anyone else with this problem.

Try call up the hotline for your region (the numbers are on the ASUS support page) and have them set up a new RMA for you