View Full Version : problem with g75 ):

06-11-2012, 03:41 AM
well i bought an asus g75 from best buy exactly a month ago and i have couple problems with it. it already happened 3 times last one being 10 minutes ago. my cursor would lag around the screen and it would change to a text cursor with a different color and after that, the screen just flickered and i had a notice about something(i forgot what it was cuz i didnt think it was major problem). that was the first time it happened. the second time was the same thing with the cursor would lag and change to cursor text with a different color then the screen flickered and the whole screen turned into a grayish color and i had to force shut off the laptop again. the third time was, the same thing again with the cursor but this time the screen flickered into a black screen almost like turning off the screen itself only and i had to force shut down my laptop again.

sorry guys but i'm not good with computers and i want to learn more about it. i will take this to geek squad tomorrow and find out whats wrong with my laptop