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06-13-2012, 02:39 PM

As mentioned by others some sites have incomplete or incorrect specifications as this site in France display 1600 x 900 pixels,

Is Hardware CPU AES supported and enabled by default on the G75's, so some of us G73SW owners don't have to do this in order to get it working, getting a straight answer about AES support from Asus was like trying to talk to someone on the dark side of the moon using just a CB radio....


I have bought my G73SW-A1 early in 2011, what about this and what exactly is the affectation as my Bios is updated as above in order to get hardware AES also it has been bought in Canada, but now live in France.


Last question, is it possible to buy a G75 in France with an actual North American QUERTY keyboard or if not possible to buy the keyboard part and do a swap after it has been bought

Thanks in advance if anyone from ASUS can shred some answers on those few questions

06-29-2012, 09:58 AM
Anyone able to answer those questions, would be greatly appreciated