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06-15-2012, 05:20 AM
I don't know if you're here thinking "This guy got some serious problems for sure" or anything else, but I will begin telling you my issues.

I bought a G73SW XT1 on February, and since day one I got several problems with random hangups. Windows would literally freeze and stop working, and if any sound was on it would distort and repeat itself forever. So I thought I could fix it by myself. Wrong. After some months I decided to RMA the thing (plus I was entering holiday season so I didnt need my laptop that much). So they tell me to send it to them (at my expense), and that they would check my warranty status. I was afraid to send it, since I bought my laptop at the USA, and Im currently living on Mexico, and found it weird that I had to pay the shipping.

I ended up sending the laptop. Laptop was sent on April 28th, and I got it on June 13th. After contacting them 13 times on the phone asking for news and a long wait for spare parts, they got my machine fixed and returned it to me. I didn't have to pay for anything else. They sent my laptop via DHL Express, so it only took one day to get to me. I had some issues during the time it was on service, like they somehow decided to send my laptop to another place to be fixed without my permission, and also at some time it was getting already fixed and the next day they were waiting for parts again (as they told me, when the laptop was already fixed they found some parts were still bad from the testing so they had to order a new batch). So I had to wait more time.

Leaving this issues aside, I can tell you I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY with the results. They swapped my MOBO and GPU, at no cost, and my laptop is behaving BEAUTIFULLY. It is the beast that I really had in mind when I bought it. And a nice plus is that I can play Diablo III for hours and max temp is 79C, so I think they used some nice paste!

Well, I know almost one month and a half is a lot, but believe me it was worth it. I had already given up on Asus, since the problems I had with the laptop were underwhelming, but after this experience I will continue faithful to the brand.

Btw, every time I called Asus Support they were always very polite and extremely helpful. Sure, they missed a few emails they told me they were going to send, and also they told me they were going to call me to tell me when my laptop would be arriving to my house and never did, but at the end, believe me, it was a good experience.

So I hope this long wall of text can bring some light to this forum since I usually read threads calling Asus Support a bad thing and stuff, but I guess they just had really bad luck on their case.

Well, this is it, Im so happy I bought this beast, now it's time for me to use it properly!!

Cya around guys!

06-15-2012, 10:54 AM
HavokD ... Thank You - Thank You - Thank You !!!
We are all very aware of the frustration an RMA can bring. In those moments of frustration many
take the opportunity to Flame and Rant against Asus. And fail to come back and tell .... the rest of the story.
Thank You for your honest opinions and RMA/Support Experience Review.
Those behind the scenes that care about the equipment and Member/Users rarely get their well deserved Cudos.
The few 'lazy' 'just do'n my jobbers' have stained the brand and us all.
Thank You for taking the time to give credit where credit is due.

I, for one, thought 'This guy HAD some serious issues' .. hahahaa .. Now you are back where you belong.. ROG'n !!!
If there is anything a true ROG'r can not stand for .. it is a Rig that don't ROG .. Good News all around. WIN-WIN!!
And if I failed to do so .. let me simply say- Thank You.c.

06-15-2012, 11:08 AM
HavokD, I've said this before, but all the more at this time, your experience is truly apt for it:
A warm congratulations on your brand new old G73!.. :D

06-15-2012, 02:43 PM
Haha, well I recently purchased an ASUS g53sw-a1, and I used it for a month before getting battery / power problems. I came to the ROG site and I read various problems regarding the G53 and I feared the worst. I read about how some countries had a really ANAL Asus service centre. I just sighed.

I thought I bought a potentially defect laptop. So I called ASUS service centre (Dubai) and told them my problem. The guy on the phone called me to the service place.

Thankfully, I lived 3 KM from the service place so I went, when I stepped in, I thought this was gonna be a hell of a RMA ride. I gave my laptop to him explained the problem and he said he'd check it right away......and directed me to the tea/coffee/water machine (*dafuq face*).

Anywhoo, I proceeded to finish up the tea machine and use the feedback input computer to play Solitaire (an awesome game that few ROG laptops could ever run xD).

He came back and told me it was a charger problem, he just gave me a brand new charger right away, he also offered me HIS OWN charger he used for his G73. I asked him tonnes of questions about the G53 and the warranty stuff and he was helpful enough to answer ALL those questions.

No fusses, no nothing, the whole situation took 30 mins to fix. I stuck around to thank him but I guess he went back into the lab for some work or something, so I left.

I got back home and played Skyrim like a happy mofo.

All-in-all it was a REALLY GOOD experience, not like APPLE which I had to keep calling and get really frustrated over.

Now if I do ever have a problem again, I know how polite the ASUS service center people are, I wont get frustrated about it.


06-15-2012, 02:53 PM
Thanks for the good messages guys!!! And yes, I will keep on saying it, guys at Asus are extremely polite!!!

I was really amazed at their job. I bought this laptop brand new, and I never expected to have problems with it. Sadly I had them, but the way these problems got fixed was a satisfactory one.

06-16-2012, 03:42 PM
Glad you had a good time HavokD :)