View Full Version : G74SX Need help with throttling.

06-15-2012, 06:36 AM
Dear fellow ROGers,

I have encountered a problem recently which i have never encountered before. Throttling. I have already applied the Throttle fix BIOS upgrade and my system was running fine until this morning when i turned it on after a Windows update. Using realtemp, i used to see my core not dropping less than 2700mhz after the bios upgrade. However, for some reason which i do not know of, i see it throttling down randomly now to as low as 950mhz every couple of seconds. I am totally lost and dont know what else i can do now and i hope i'll be able to receive some help from fellow ROGers here.

Things that i have done so far:
System restore to an earlier point before the windows update (failed to achieve anything)
Reflashed BIOS back to original and then reflashed it again with the throttle fix BIOs. (didn't fix the problem)
Tried it with ac plugged in and without, same results. (didn't fix problem)

I hope to get a fix for this soon. If anyone else is experiencing this and found a fix or explanation to this please help.

Thanks and Regards,