View Full Version : Choppy audio after VIA driver install

06-15-2012, 03:41 PM
Hey all, After I upgraded to the 10400 drivers for VIA, I am getting choppy audio, and also sometimes graphics stutter. I'm not sure how else to describe it, kind of like crackly or stuttering audio and graphics, or bits of static interrupting the audio intermittently, kind of like when you play music or w/e out of crappy speakers, and also really laggy audio at times. When I downgraded back to the 10200 drivers and listen carefully its still there, just not as bad. Im not sure if this was happening before and i just didnt notice it, although I'm almost sure that I would have noticed something like this. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I found the best way to test it was to in most games, where there is dialogue, I tested it in skyrim. Pretty much anywhere where you can talk to someone, during the conversation, you will hear choppy audio. It happens pretty much in all audio, thats just the best way to hear it. help is appreciated as always.

Games which it can be easily heard with both drivers:
Mass Effect 3
Diablo 3

I used these games because they have more dialogue than others that i currently have installed, but so far thats all, I didnt figure I needed to keep testing for it as it shows up in 3 different games and also youtube videos and windows system sounds.

EDIT: im downloading the 10500 beta drivers, and going to try those, I will post results as soon as I do.

That didnt help, im going to try a system restore to yesterday morning, will post results.

EDIT x2: Problem is being caused by ASUS Akamai Interface (ASUS' support sites driver download program), will post updates later.

06-15-2012, 04:47 PM
WARNING: to anyone who is having the same problem, it, along with some other problems (graphics spikes etc..) is caused by Akamai interface (the program ASUS makes you use to download drivers from their support site) I figured i would look around for any recent changes before doing a system restore and disabling/uninstalling this solved it. If i see any threads about this ill try to help, but as this is a program used to download ASUS drivers, i would bet that this is going to happen a lot more in the future.

EDIT: Nevermind, I'll do it.