View Full Version : Can I overclock GPU 670M on G75VW like this settings??

06-17-2012, 02:14 AM
Can I overclock GPU 670M on G75VW like this settings??

I already overclock my GPU 670m on G75VW-DS73 . I did like core 620 => 770 memory 1500 => 1650

IS this too much overclocked for GPU 670m?? I passed futurmark and some game like crysis2 black ops skyrim bf3 etc...

There is no cracked screen while I m playing that games on overclocking mode.

Just worry that heat on Power adapter, and 150HZ core overclock.. it is almost 24% overclocking.

The system was stable on games during 3hours with bf3.. 3D mark 11 point 3664.

However, I m worried that can I use this setting like a default settings?? I need a opinion of you guys.

Once again, it was stable to play games.. but heat power adapter... temperature was 72"C.

PS> it increased 5~10FPS on BF3.

06-18-2012, 06:22 AM
Well anytime you OC you are gambling (which you already know) so no one here can sign off on tellin you this is 100% safe setup. It sounds mostly like you know the things you are supposed to be watching out for from the way you are speaking. Just try to stay south of 85C under max load.

1 question for you though...

Did you smear higher end thermal compound on your vid card gpu? (or if you bought your laptop from a custom pc house did you have them do it for you?)

This step won't save you with an intense OC setup (heatsink/waterblock does a better job of that), but I consider a high end thermal compound highly important for another big reason (and it's not so much about heat transfer efficiency).

If you wish to OC for a very long time (not just to play around for spec testing, but live with your system OC'd 24/7).... higher OC heats tend to speed up the drying of cheap thermal compounds very quickly. Once the generic compound loses it's efficiency and starts to dry out you will be heavily complacent at that point (6-12 months) and ignoring temps on an hourly basis. This is usually when the drama strikes and you get a bad melt down.

A higher end thermal compound has a lot more longevity and stays liquidy and efficient a lot longer then the junky stuff.

As far as temp goes (72c if this is max temp under load) this is fine. Staying under 85c is usually my goal when OC-in vid cards. Sadly, with laptops we can't do water cooling or giant after market coolers so it limits us on OC-in a lot... it also puts us at higher risk of long term OC hardware failure.

I recommend a software that gives you an audible alarm when your vid card passes 80c just so you have a heads up if things start to derail on you. (google for fan speed alarm apps there are tons of them) But never trust these apps 100% always eagle eye your temps with discipline if you can. I have had alarm/auto fan speed adjusting apps fail me in the past and burnt out a flagship PC vid card once.