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06-01-2010, 11:59 PM
This past weekend* ASUS held its first-ever overclocking event as part of the "ROG Experience Tour" (Republic of Gamers)* with this particular event also using the secondary title of "3x3 OC Summit". The 3x3 is in reference to the company's most recent high-end Intel motherboards* which includes the Rampage III Extreme (LGA1366) and Maximus III Extreme (LGA1156). Of course* these boards were at the heart of the overclocking machines.

ASUS is particularly proud of its Rampage III Extreme motherboard* and based off of what I've seen in the past* the company has reason to be. Back when I took a look at the Rampage II Extreme* I was impressed in almost all regards. It wasn't an inexpensive board* but it more than earned itself the right to have a higher price-tag. The same can be said for the RIIIE* and I hope to be able to give that one a test soon.

Held at Santa Clara's Hyatt Regency* the event has reportedly been a great success. ASUS' Sr. Product Marketing Specialist for Components* Eric Chen* stated that "We were very excited to see the enthusiasm and spirit of competition throughout the event.". As for the "3x3"? That was the team structure* and according again to Eric* "Building the R3E was a team effort between ASUS and its key demographic"* so not only was the board developed for overclockers* but it was developed with the input of the best overclockers to help make it the best overclocking board ever.

Eric goes on to praise the RIIIE by saying* "... any successes with the RIIIE board is a shared success between ASUS and the overclockers we've worked with" and that the launch has been something "a lot of us at ASUS have been highly anticipating." So with both the RIIIE and MIIIE encouraging huge overclocks* how did the competitors fare?

Well* amongst the 5 categories across both boards (10 total)* Team XtremeSystems came out on top by winning 6 of them* while breaking two world records* while Team PURE won 3* leaving Team OC Alliance to win 1* but breaking a world record in the process. On the second day* three more world records were broken* 2 by XtremeSystems and the other again by OC Alliance. Unfortunately* the exact scores of all the results were not posted* but we hope to receive the information in the coming days.


On April 10* 2010* three leading OC teams in N.America battle it out for two days in ten benchmarks on the new ASUS ROG Rampage III Extreme and Maximus III Extreme motherboards. Team Pure* OC Alliance and XtremeSystems will go head to head to head in an 3-way overclocking tour-de-force. Which team will climb to the top? Check back here regularly for the latest on 3x3 OC* the teams and products!

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