View Full Version : [G73SW] WIFI Card issues

06-17-2012, 01:18 PM
Hello there, I've had a G73SW for 6 months now and up until now I haven't been able to install the WLAN card. I've tried every driver listed on the Asus website; I've also tried 3rd party driver update software (Drivermax) to do it but to no avail. The card is an Intel WiMax 6250 (device manager) but the Intel utility that scans for hardware doesn't recognise it as an Intel card.

The aforementioned Drivermax utility did download a driver for it but it hasn't made the card work. Here's a screenshot of my device manager window:

06-22-2012, 05:53 AM
Hello, I to own a g73 sw and ran into a simmilar problem with an aintel wifi card. After some research and an inspection of the card I found that intel sources out for the cards and does not manufacture them, I reinstalled my Anthros wifi card and redownloaded the drivers from Asus and have remained happy to date. Just a side note I also use a Net Gear USB external on a dongel for increased range. I hope that this helps.