View Full Version : G73SW webcam and power problems.

06-26-2012, 03:43 AM
A while ago, my G73SW suddenly stopped showing the power icon in the system tray, and when trying to enable it I found that the option was greyed out. I tried the registry solutions that are commonly posted on the internet to no avail. It was at this same time that Windows would tell me that devices were installed and I needed to reboot. The only problem is this happens on every single boot, even in safe mode. I ended up sitting with around 8-11 "Unknown Devices" in Device Manager. Most recently, my webcam stopped working, so I tried to open it with Lifeframe to see that it was disabled. In Device Manager, my webcam is using the default drivers given by windows and is enabled, and all attempts to install drivers for the webcam have been unsuccessful.

The HId for the webcam is USB\VID_174F&PID_1718&MI_00 and that's about all that I know at this point. I'm wondering if these are all driver issues or not. Thanks for your help in advance.

06-26-2012, 04:12 AM
You may need to repair or re-install the ASUS ATK Package for your particular laptop model. See this specific post: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?2149-Webcam-Software-For-G73-SW&p=119303&viewfull=1#post119303, but you may wish to read the whole thread for other recommendations.

06-26-2012, 04:27 AM
The link 404'd but I have already reinstalled the ATK package.

06-26-2012, 04:50 AM
I fixed the link. Try some of the other recommendations in that thread.