View Full Version : g53j mother board problem

06-27-2012, 05:36 PM
Hi Friends.
I have a G53Jj.

I bought it about 1 year.
6 month ago, i hat the BROKEN PIN problem. I sent to technical Service and they change the MOBO. It works OK, but waranty dont cover the Mobo, so i spent 200usd on this.

1 month ago, i face the AC/Batery mode swith problem. I sent again to the Technical Service and they say agan (today) that i must change the MOBO again.

Please, advice mi, what i can do.. All the Mother Boards for G53J have issues? Can I put another MoBo in the G53J case? .. i dont want to replace mobos every 4 months.

the bigest problem is that im on Peru, so they spent 30 days to import the part.

please, help!!