View Full Version : g73jh asus wont accept intel ssd

03-05-2011, 05:39 PM
hi i baught a intel 80gb sata ssd from bestbuy tried to install it myself get this. instal new drive boots up i put in th e5 recovery disks liek it says congrats you have successfully restored your laptop etc. please restart to finish recovery. i do. loads up asus screen fine goes to loading windows goes to blank screen the restarts over and over again. gave up took to best buy to see if geek squad can do it. dropped off monday they said o yea this is easy but q is long 3 days max here comes thursday. o yea well we gave up come get your hard drive we will refund you your money for services and hard drive in full. after 8 hours past on installing disk 3 it failed. we believe it is because asus designed there laptops so you cannot upgrade anything but ram without running into problems with mother boards. im starting to think geek squad are a bunch of idiots but could be right this time. i do no a bit about laptops but confused as to why i couldnt get this hdd working but yet i succesfully installed all disks but geek squad couldnt get past disk 3. when i installed disks took me think 1 hour and a half to install 1-5. they claimed took them about 17 hours 1-3 then failed.

sorry for being so long but trying to get as much detail as possible.

has anyone else ever had this problem? or know of a ssd that will work with my asus.
i was tould that ocz drives were supoosed to work. if i can get help on this and what ones have been tested to work i want ssd and hopefully i can get one put in that works.

03-05-2011, 06:20 PM
I was thinking about getting an ssd when I bought my G73, but didn't have the $$. Anyway I did research them. SSD'a are a totally different animal from a mechanical drive. Hopefully the following links will help. Good luck!

Read: http://forums.pureoverclock.com/showthread.php?t=7691


03-09-2011, 10:14 PM
I just put on OCZ Vertex 2 in my G73 JH. I didn't use the restore disk though. I did a clean install of windows and it works great. The laptop feels so much faster, The hard Drive scores a 7.7 on the windows experience index. All the application load instantly and it only takes about 15 second to boot from off.