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07-01-2012, 05:05 PM
First time poster, have been reading for a while though. I have the G73JH-BST7, don't know how long ago I purchased it maybe a year or more. When pulling it out of the box I did the suggested Bios and VBios updates and my video cards are up to date.

So here's my issue:

After my laptop went through a flight my display was distorted. It was the grainy display that is usually related to LVDS connection issues from my reading. I found out about the LVDS issues after I purchased a replacement 1920x1080 screen. Both screens have the same grainy issue and wiggling the LVDS around both on the display itself and on the motherboard does nothing.

The problem does not occur on an external monitor.

With the above info is my problem narrowed down to a faulty cable, and replacement should soave my issue?