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07-02-2012, 12:18 AM
Good Morning All

I have just got off the phone with a tech assistant from asus who was no help whatsoever in assisting me with a very big problem and i am now at the point where i feel i can do no more, i have been totally "Dogged" so to speak by ASUS and i am f***ing pissed off at the fact that the -know it all tech assistant just seemed to shrug it off telling me it does work when it dosent!

I brought my G74Sx about 2 months ago from an australian online store PC CASE GEAR for about $2500

Now the laptop works but the updated bios drivers on the website are not the right ones and i have a suspicion the intel ones are not correct either as the turbo boost feature never ever reaches 3.1ghz it only goes to 2.8ghz even under stress and yes its the i7 2670QM, and they expect me to send it back to the mainland to have a look at it (i live in tassie so its a pain in the arse), now i am adept with computers and I know how to update the drivers on a machine so im not a total noob

i have uploaded A screenshot to show you what the bios updating program WINFLASH is showing me


What am i supposed to do? who do i go to? Am i part of some sick $2500 joke?

07-02-2012, 01:27 AM
Consider yourself lucky. I strongly advise you NOT to use the WinFlash program to update BIOS. Sometimes it works fine, but I've seen too many cases of people reporting bricked laptops here after using WinFlash.

Unless you're having some kind of problem, I highly recommend you do not update the BIOS. There are a few posters here who still use v202.

If you really want to do a BIOS update, I suggest you get a known-good USB memory stick, make sure it's formatted as FAT or FAT32 (Double check this!!!), do a drive check to make sure there are no errors and then copy the ROM (or .203) file to the memory stick. Reboot the laptop and hit F2 during POST/Startup. A screen should appear that will allow you to select the USB drive and the ROM file that's on it and update the BIOS from there.

The WinFlash error message could be the result of a corrupt download (I'd download it again just to be sure - a bad BIOS flash will brick the laptop and then you'd HAVE to ship it back to the mainland). The only other thing I can think of is that the WinFlash program doesn't like the "203" file extension and expects a "ROM" extension. Again, I wouldn't bother with WinFlash again.

Regarding turbo boost, you will almost never SEE the monitor hit 3.1 - and it usually only happens for a second or two. I know for a fact that PRIME95 doesn't push it to 3.1 and I don't know of a way to max it out for testing purposes but if it's fluctuating and hitting 2.8 regularly, rest assured it's almost certainly working fine.

Also, the Intel Turbo Boost program does not control the CPU in any way and has nothing to do with how it works - it's just a program that lets you see what's going on with a bar graph.

A Guy
07-02-2012, 06:44 AM
You must not have used Google at all before calling ASUS or posting here. I had a similar issue with the default Windows based BIOS update tool and the first search I did found over 12,000 hits.


I used to have another link to a post on this very forum, but I deleted it after I updated my BIOS. But it has essentiually the same info as that link I gave you.

Try this search

07-02-2012, 12:34 PM
;)I Didnt even know there was a flash utility intergrated into the bios otherwise i would have done that straight up myself. i went with the latest revision of bios for the machine, unless you reccomend 201 for good reasoning?,

I understand the gadget for the turbo boost is an inacurate gimmick and so i installed something a little more intricate to show the actual clock speed of the computer under stress and it sits at 3.0ghz = good enough, i know the computer is performing to spec, now i have another issue i will start a new thread for that though =) hopefully you might be able to help me again

Once again Fellas I thank you for Your help that those *******s at the service centre did not provide. i am very grateful:D. and if anyone from asus is reading this then i just want to know that your all a bunch of usless FLOPS

Why i didnt think of googling this surpises me FACEPALM =)