View Full Version : How to re-install windows on G55WV

07-03-2012, 07:02 PM
I'm buying an ASUS G55VW and I am going to put in a SSD as the main hard drive, I was wondering what I would need to do to re-install windows onto the SSD. Thanks

07-04-2012, 04:32 AM
I would do the following:

Download all the latest drivers from the ASUS site.

Remove all other hard drives from the laptop

Verify that the drive is set to ACHI in the BIOS

Install windows fresh, don't use ASUS recovery media ( DO NOT FORMAT THE DRIVE, IT SHOULD BE PRE-FORMATTED FROM THE FACTORY )

After windows is finished:

Verify that TRIM is running

Click start orb > in the 'Search programs and files' area type CMD > right click CMD and run as Administrator

type in the following : fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

hit your enter key on the keyboard

It should come back as :

DisableDeleteNotify = 0: This indicates that TRIM is enabled

If it is, EXCELLENT!

Proceed to install the drivers

Do windows updates

Go to the following URL:


(ninite is a auto installer for the most common PC apps)

Install whatever software you'd like

I suggest:

Chrome (replace with browser of your choice)
EVERYTHING under run-times
Adobe Reader
Microsoft Security
Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Welcome to the AWESOME world of SSD