View Full Version : Can't get WLAN to stay enabled on new G74SX

07-03-2012, 10:34 PM
I'm so frustrated, been working on this for over a day now. I just got a new laptop and right out of the box, I could not connect to my WiFi. After verifying that the connection was still valid with my old laptop, I upgraded all of the Asus and Ath. card drivers. When booting, it seems to sometimes detect all local connections, including my own. Then, after about a minute, the connection dies and they start to vanish one by one, until I get the red X icon, with no connections showing at all. If I hit the hotkeys to check the signal, both the WLAN and Bluetooth icons are circled-slashed out. If I enable them, they seem to be fine. But if I go right back in and check, they are grayed out and disabled again. I've reimaged the laptop and still have the same problem. Any ideas?

P.S. I have done the Asus Live updates via my ethernet connection, but this does not resolve it.

07-03-2012, 10:45 PM
what type of network are you trying to connect to? is it wireless N? does it work if you plug into the router w/ rj45? did you use Liveupdate when you installed the new drivers? (hopefully not & uninstall that btw) this probably wont help but did you try resetting your router? what other processes are you running that could be interfering w/ your wireless connectivity? start w/ this, go into msconfig and disable anything that could disable or interfere w/ it from startup and restart your machine, post back here afterwards

07-03-2012, 11:01 PM
Yes, plugging it in directly with a cable works fine. That's how I was able to apply the Asus Live updates. From your parenthetical comment, was that a bad idea? As far as other processes that could be interfering, I have nothing going except what's installed by factory default. I just checked again and nothing jumped out as a red flag, although many of them are cryptic to me I admit. Asus tech support had me reinstall the Ath. driver which did nothing. After a reboot, connections showed up for a couple of minutes and I lost the connection again. When I pull up the list from the lower right task bar, first mine vanishes, then slowly, all of those in my surrounding area do as well, one by one. But I can't seem to make the WLAN stay on. Never had this happen with my older G laptop but I think it also had a WiFi switch if I recall. Driving me nuts.

Will try the msconfig now. Is there anything in particular I should look out for? More soon.

07-03-2012, 11:48 PM
Didn't see anything that I thought might be interfering. I'm wiping it and reinstalling from recovery partition. So do you recommend uninstalling the Asus updater right away? What about the programs that come preinstalled, might any of those cause a conflict? Would Wireless Console 3 be an issue, or is it buggy? Are the Arth. drivers on the Asus site the newest or is there a newer set that they've not yet posted? I did see that Arth. had 2 identically named Bluetooth processes running, which might not matter. Thanks.

07-04-2012, 12:32 AM
yeah, you should uninstall asus liveupdate right away. it can cause problems one of which completely disables usb on your laptop. sometimes a fresh install of windows free of asus bloatware can solve these types of problems, but its up to you. let us know how the F9 restore goes, and what happens afterwards.

07-04-2012, 02:16 AM
When it boots after the clean install from the recovery partition, it still says there are no network connections, e.g. I have the red x icon. When I check device manager, it says the Atheros device is functioning properly. I haven't update the drivers yet but when I tried earlier, it did nothing to solve the issue.

Right after I posted this I realized it was in the wrong G forum. I reposted in the Older Gs section if you want to move this conversation there. Sorry about the cross-posting.