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07-04-2012, 08:32 AM
I'm notoriously hard on keyboards. My last laptop, an ASUS C90S (worked 12 hrs a day from 2007-2012) had a very easily replaceable keyboard so I ordered 4 from ASUS parts dept. very early on and ended up using three of them before the GPU died.

The G74 replaced it a month or so ago, and the keyboard is holding up fairly well thus far, but I don't see any quick-release tabs for replacement and it's obviously not using Cherry MX keys for long life :D so...

1. I'm wondering if it'll be replaceable or repairable at all should anything bad happen like key failure, etc.

I've heard and read that the G74Sx keyboard is riveted in place. The computing industry (coughAPPLEcough) has been moving more and more toward non-repairability, and that sucks. I haven't disassembled mine to verify the riveting, but I am concerned that if it IS a permanent part of the laptop body, will I have to buy a new laptop body and basically disassemble and reassemble everything just to replace the kbd?

I'm no stranger to mods and would have no problem drilling out the rivets (after the warranty is out, of course) and using a standard replacement kbd from another model as long as the ribbon connector is compatible. I get the feeling there hasn't been much thought given to this problem (yet).

2. Anyone have any advice or knowledge about the G74 keyboard, how it's connected (ribbon?) and if a replacement from another model might work without need for a whole new body and the associated hassles?

3. Also, has anyone removed any of the keycaps? Any info on how they're attached or how easy they are to damage? One of my favorite keyboard mods is drilling into and putting a small metal stud on the "F" and "J" keycaps that won't wear down over time like the tiny stock plastic ridges. If it's possible and there's significant interest (although I highly doubt it :) ) I wouldn't mind putting up a how-to thread.

07-04-2012, 10:41 AM
If you havent aleady seen this video, jump to 2min 10sec to see keyboard removal.


07-04-2012, 05:16 PM
THanks for the link - I saved some disassembly instructions just in case, but never saw a video takedown before.

Man, that's a LOT of doing just to replace a keyboard. I just hope it's not too prone to failures :eek:. And I also hope the price of replacement kbds isn't too insane with all the aluminum and LEDs and everything...