View Full Version : G73 JW-A1 video drivers crashing, random lines colors during gamplay, mainly D3

07-06-2012, 06:30 AM
My G73 has run perfectly for over a year until I started playing Diablo 3. At launch the game ran fine then several weeks later I noticed choppy gameplay followed by random colored lines and static which resulted in the video driver crash msg from Win7. I tried updating my video drivers and cleaning out dust by removing the back cover and using can air. I still get the random line color distortion and not just with playing D3. I've played a very non graphics intense game "Farm Mania" in windowed mode while my laptop has just booted up so still cold and I get these colored lines running through the windowed game.

So is it just driver problems or is the video card going bad? I've "re-imaged" drive C: using the Asus recovery and I don't get the colored lines or video driver crash but the gameplay in Diablo 3 is still very choppy.

I've updated the video drivers manually from nVidia and after another "re-image" I've tried using Asus Live Update which doesn't work so I manually installed from Asus site. No matter what Diablo plays choppy.

I haven't updated any other hardware such as the Bios, wirelss, etc only because I don't want to add more changes to the mix and possibly cause further problems.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.