View Full Version : G75VW-DS72 Gaming Mouse / Quality Issue

07-08-2012, 04:47 PM
I bought my G75VW-DS72 here in the United States thru Amazon and the order was processed by EXcaliberPC. The unit arrived about 2 weeks ago. The actual box containing the unit was factory sealed with a blue tape with the Asus logo on it. This box was inside a larger box containing the backpack that came with the unit, and this too was sealed from the factory. All this was inside another box with packing peanuts and was taped shut. I unboxed everything and found the gaming mouse inside the same box the laptop was in. When I took the actual laptop out of its protective sleeve the 1st thing I noticed was that the bottom access panel for the hard drive bays and memory was not installed properly. I had to remove the screw securing the panel to install the panel correctly.

After booting the system up and going thru the initial setup, I went ahead and made ISO images of the recovery partition in both DVD and BluRay and burned them after I installed Nero. All is good. I put the driver disc in the drive and started poking around the file structure and came across the setup program for the included gaming mouse so I went ahead and installed the software. Problem is, once I hook the mouse up, it works, but the software seems to not recognize the mouse. (I bought a G73 series a few years ago which came with the same type of mouse and it and the software work fine on my AMD based desktop setup.) I also tried installing the software on my Intel based desktop and just like on the G75, the mouse functions but the software does not. Anybody know why the gaming mouse software does not "see" the mouse?

So I order a vinyl skin for the G75 and upon installing it, I noticed something that caused me some concern. On the side of laptop, about 2 inches from where the power cord plugs in, on the silver plastic that wraps around to the rear of the unit, are two gouges/scratches in the plastic that have been hastily touched up with silver paint. Now I know for sure that this occured prior to the unit being put in the box at the factory because like I stated above, the unit was in a factory sealed box. This, along with the access panel not being installed properly makes me believe the unit was serviced and scratched after manufacture at the factory, or it was pulled from distribution, sent back to the factory, serviced and scratched and then repackaged. Either way, I paid for a new laptop without scratches and a hasty paint job.

Can anyone with Asus tell me what exactly happened? The unit performs great, I'm am disappointed but the scratches are not something that I'm going to return the laptop for. They are not that bad and the reseller is not going to believe that I did not cause the damage. I can take a photo of the damage and email it someone with Asus, as well as provide the serial number, that is if anyone with Asus actually cares enough to look into the matter. I buy Asus hardware exculsively for myself and family. I own a G73JH, a G73SW, 2 Transformer Primes, this G75VW and at least 4 ROG motherboards and this is the 1st time I've ever experienced such a disappointment with Asus quality.