View Full Version : BF3 and Movie sound stuttering

07-09-2012, 07:22 AM
Is this normal?

I get stuttering on Movies as well as BF3.

BF3 I have to sit still untill it recovers. Have had it where the network driver seemed to collapse or something.

On movies I am getting a consistant. 0.2s delay on everything which I didn't get on the Supreme Fx.

The Supreme Fx also had auto detect for speaker configuration. Have you guys gone backwards?

The sound is excellent when it works, but this lag problem is ridiculous.

From this Forum :
and this asus one :

it seems to be a DPC Latency issue? Do we have some assurances that this is being worked on and we can expect a genuine fix sometime soon because a Gamer Card that doesn't Game Well is a bit well..... shocking frankly along with the staggering cost.