View Full Version : New SSD in G73JH, cloned hdd, can boot from it - but not make it first boot device?

07-10-2012, 08:27 PM
Hello, I just installed my new OCZ 120gb Agillity 3. I used software from paragorn to completely clone the HDD onto the SSD.

The SSD has been installed in slot two, and comes up as mounted in "P4" in bios. The normal hdd is still in its original slot, slot 1 - and comes up as P0 or P1 (the other one is the dvd-drive).

Going into bios, I can boot and run everything as normal with the SSD. I have to select the drive and press enter to do this. Under boot sequence, I can not choose the SSD as a drive to boot from.

I've used acrylic to mount the ssd in the bay of the computer, trying to swap the hdd and ssd is therefore preferably postphoned some :rolleyes:

Anyone have ideas as to how solve this? Uninstall OS from hdd seems like a resort...

07-10-2012, 09:47 PM
sounds like you have the same problem that i had with my pc when i cloned my hdd to my ssd, tryed to format the hdd after i rebooted with my ssd installation, but the machine wouldt start after, i had to use my recovery cd's with only ssd installed on port0,and then i installed my new formated hdd after and now its working like a charm.
*note* i think port 0 is sata3 and port 1 is sata 2 so putting the ssd on port 2 will be a waste.