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07-11-2012, 01:43 PM
Hi all i m new to this forum.

I am from Malaysia and i have finally just got my g55vw today from my dealer. However, after using it for an afternoon it gave me this problem. currently the display is "dead".

Everything was working fine and i have no other issue as seen from other thread ( heat issue etc). Ran some furmark test, try out everything and even start playing games on it. Only until i perform some windows update, prompt me for restart,restarted, and the screen is goner, total black screen even for POST and bios. It seems the laptop cannot even detect or turn on the screen at all. i have heard the window logon sound so i decided to hook it up to my desktop monitor through the vga port and everythg is working fine except for the display which i am currently posting this thread on my g55, however, with an external display.

I have contacted my dealer and will bring it over for him to take a look and see if he can help me on this. Does anyone experience such problem and is there any possible solution to this issue? I doubt if the display fail as the screen was working perfectly fine, good and sharp colors and just in one restart, suddenly gone. It looks more like a software or bios related problem to me.

I would appreciate very much if anyone has experienced this problem and willing to discuss it over here. Thanks.

07-11-2012, 03:56 PM
From what I've read in this forum, it is most likely a hardware issue, in your case a bad LVDS cable connection, bad LVDS cable, or less likely, a bad display. Video displayed on your external monitor indicates the Video Graphics Adapter is functioning properly.

Some have temporarily resolved this issue by unplugging, removing the battery and all peripheral devices, holding the Power-On button down for 30 seconds, then plugging in and booting the laptop. Others have wiggled the top of the laptop or pressed on different areas to get video to appear on the laptop display. However, the issue usually returns...

Some have reported they resolved the issue by completely disassembling and reassembling the laptop. This action will void the warranty, so it is not recommended for new laptops.

My recommendation would be to exchange your defective laptop for a new one or accept a complete refund if an exchange was not possible due to lack of a replacement.

07-12-2012, 02:47 AM
Thx for ur informative reply. However i would like to add on some observation to this problem. i have left it off overnight and the screen came back to function this morning so the chances of bad display is very small. The color and everything is in good condition and i have restarted it a few times and everything is still fine. Only until i restarted it with my usb drive plugged in, the same problem comes again, no display at all while other thing seems to be running.

about the cable connection u have mentioned, I would like to know does anyone experience with any cable connection problem? will the screen be distorted or any other symptoms?

07-12-2012, 03:51 AM
i have just got the screen bac again but restarted it and it gave the same problem . The problem occurred without any devices plugged in. I guess i can only bring it to my dealer with your suggestion noted. thx anyway

07-12-2012, 04:46 AM
I can't say I completely understand what is happening in these "boot to black screen" cases where everything else appears to function correctly. What I have observed is that these problem laptops most often continue to be problem laptops, so it's best to get rid of them.