View Full Version : HDD's Not Detected - intermittent problem on G73JH-A1

07-11-2012, 02:50 PM

Occasionally, and starting only in the last week or so, both of my HDD's do not show up in the BIOS or anywhere allowing me to boot the laptop up. I haven't swapped or changed anything in my laptop in months, but it does travel with me in a SLAPPA backpack and I work offshore, so it gets toted around a lot. It will power on and ask me to insert a boot device when it doesn't detect them. Usually a couple tries to power cycle and it has come back, but it seems like something I would like to find a fix for ASAP, before it gets worse. I've searched for any threads relating to this and only thing that sounded close was possibly the cable coming unseated from the motherboard fully? Any other ideas people can throw out there as to what might cause this? I love this laptop and have had very good luck with it, but need to have it reliable. Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Laptop is G73JH-A1, bought new in April of 2010. Have openned and re-pasted GPU & CPU a little over a year ago, and cleaned out fans at that time as well as cleaned out fans again in February of this year.