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07-14-2012, 09:21 AM
Hello guys,

I'm new here, I just bought a new G55VW, It is a nice laptop. However, I mostly use it for graphic work, therefore I have connected my laptop to two external monitors (ViewSonic VP2365-LED) one through VGA port, and the other one through HDMI, I noticed there are waves passing through the monitor that connected through the VGA port, I replace the cable and switch the the monitors and nothing changed. I conclude that these waves caused by VGA port, therefore ...

Q1) Is this mean the laptop is defective and I should replace it! or is it a driver issue?

Nevertheless, there is still another display port which is Mini-Display Port that I haven't tried yet. technically I should be able to connect the G55VW to 3 external monitors. Although I will need a Mini-Display port to DVI-D adapter.

07-15-2012, 03:16 AM
G75VW-DS73 with GeForce GTX 670M displaying horizontal lines on VGA monitor. Not only annoying but gotta be bad for vision.

Are same lines appearing via HDMI port?

Unrelated question; when you connect two external displays, does laptop screen still function?

07-15-2012, 10:30 AM
Hi KellyOfErin,

The horizontal lines on the monitor that connected through the VGA port are what I was talking about, and yes! They are very annoying (sometimes). In my experience, these lines become more visible when still images with dark pale colors attributes. However, I was planning to test my monitor on my friend G53SX laptop, just to be sure is there something wrong with all Asus laptops or just mine! And I was, also, planning to run the test on other monitor brand, maybe it is a compatibility issue!

Regarding your question, these horizontal lines donít appear when connected with HDMI, although Iím using HDMI to DVI-D brandless cable, since my monitor only has VGA and DVI-D ports.

Regarding your second question, yes, the laptop screen still functions normally. Therefore, basically, I have three monitors connected to one computer, I was planning to test eyefinity setup on a FPS game, I tested a couple of games, I couldnít run them on more than one monitor, and I guess the game itself must support this kind of resolution, as well as how much your VGA card can go!

I just read the other night, that Mini-Display port just as good as HDMI! They were invented by Apple and they support very large resolution, with very high rate of refreshing signal (frequency).

- There are some other solutions which I thought of regarding the multi-display setup, one of them is the Mini-Display port I mentioned earlier, and the other one is HDMI splitter, although Iím not sure how they will function.

07-16-2012, 05:46 AM
Any thoughts regarding this problem? have any one tried the eyefinity setup on his Asus GXXXX laptop?