View Full Version : Bricked G73JH-A1

03-10-2011, 04:24 PM
Well after updating all the drivers, and still experiencing numerous lock ups and shut downs, I decided to flash the BIOS to 213 using the built in Easy Flash. The laptop is now a brick. Of course, it is not covered under warranty even though I followed the procedure on the Asus support site and the BIOS download was provided by Asus. I should have just told them I dropped it.

Anyway, once it is returned from the tech center, I want to wipe it and have a clean Windows install. Currently, I live in a remote location and have been unable to d/l the Windows 7 and Drivers CD that Chastity posted above. I did not receive either with the laptop.

Anyone willing to burn me an ISO of each? Better yet a driver disk with all of the updated drivers I'll need to get it running again? We could work out some form of payment.