View Full Version : ADSM Credential Provider and ROG Mouse Question

07-17-2012, 12:31 AM
Hi All,

Have had the G73JH since late September 2010 running Windows 7 HP 64bit. I noticed from day 1 that sometimes the mouse is not detected, sometimes, it is detected but is very slow and sometimes, it is detected but is at a very low resolution (each move jumps a lot of pixels). This is regardless if the gaming mouse software is running or not. I literally had to unplug it and plug it back it for it to function correctly. AFAIK, I have not updated any mouse drivers. Anyone have same/similar issues and had a way of fixing it?

One other annoying thing is that it boots to the ADSM credential provider which is presented with an account picture which I have to click on to get to the password provider screen to login. I am currently using a registry hack via a scheduled task to reset it to the password provider upon login in (if I don't do it then, it resets to the ADSM one after login in). I have disabled the ADSM Service and have prevented the ADSMTray.exe from starting via msconfig.exe. However, I noticed that the ADSMTray.exe continues to start. Anyone have any ideas of how to completely remove the ADSM credential provider?