View Full Version : ROG G50 Upgrading CPU / Graphics Card Possible?

07-18-2012, 02:53 PM
I've had this thing apart several times and I'm wondering if I can simply put a 64 bit LGA775 Intel processor in to replace the Core2 Duo 32 bit processor so i can switch over from Win7 32 to Win7 64 and throw in some extra memory (8 gig).

Also, I've never seen any Internal laptop graphics cards. So I've got no information on upgrading that.
I'm been all over google trying to find a useful resource and about all I could find was how to disassemble the laptop and replace whatever's in there. Not exactly what to replace it WITH.

So has anyone swapped out their Core2 Duo with a 64 bit Processor?
Any information from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance !