View Full Version : How does the G75VW perform with a 27 inch+ 3D monitor...?

07-25-2012, 11:33 PM
Hi people!

Just wondering if any of you have tried a 3d monitor with the g75vw (the one that didnt ship with the 3d monitor of course) with any success...?

I love my laptop...runs awsome...had a few teething problems, but now all the teeth have been extracted, hehe (McAfee + others)

I, however dont have the best eyesight. The graphics look great, just that a 1920x1080 res on a 17" monitor is kinda small....I can see it (fonts, small icons etc) but I find myself constantly leaning forward to see what is on the screen clearly instead of relaxing and enjoying the graphics. And yes, I wear glasses aswell...need to get them checked aswell :)

Anyway, I know the VW supports 3D, so I was interested to see if any of you guys tried, or currently have a decent sized 3D monitor running smoothly on the laptop...? I think a 27" 3D monitor with 1920x1080 res would be perfect. How though does the 3D software go running over a HDMI cable...? And did you have much trouble getting the monitor running in 3D...?

Thanks for ya expertise in advance :)


07-26-2012, 01:49 AM
I have the G75VW DS73 with a gtx 670m with a small overclock, the performance will be the same as that I reached by playing games in 3D, in most cases I can play games of last year in 1080p high settings, with the 3D function on becouse this consumes more graphics memory enabled, but is still performing well, obviously sacrificing in most games the AA. grettings!!!

07-26-2012, 08:53 AM
If you have a 17" 1920x1080 display the performance will be identical on a 1920x1080 27" display - it's pixel count that matters, not physical size. 3D will cause it more strain, but you can always drop the res to 1680x1050 or turn off features like AA :)

The connection is digital and identical whether it's to the inbuilt LCD or via HDMI, which means getting 3D on a VG278 is simply a case of plug in and play. When you enable the second display in the Nvidia control panel, just turn on 3D at the same time and you're good to go. The Nvidia drivers should already have Stereoscopic 3D installed.