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08-10-2012, 06:12 PM
I purchased this laptop some days ago. The first one i got, had a deformed lid, and it did not have the promissed specs, it did not have a bluray drive, and it had a gtx660m, instead of the promised 670m. I did boot it up, and it ran games just fine. I had to get it replaced since i wanted what i paid for.

The next one i got had the right specs, and no cosmetic flaws. However, it did not run games properly, graphics looked muddy on some games, with very bad textures. Other games, like GTA 4 it would not run at all. Booting the game up, the menus looked awful and very low resolution. When i went in to adjust the graphics, it told me that the graphic card was close to being at its limit. However, it also told me that the current settings (everything adjusted to lowest values, i could not adjust this), the game utilized 202mb of the graphics cards available 3012mb. One game appeared to look normal, but it did not run well at all.

I tried downloading the latest drivers from asus' website, no luck. Then i tried completely removing the graphics card from windows, no luck. Finally i tried a fresh windows install using the recovery tool, no luck. So, i contacted the store, they were not very willing to cooperate, but after some fuss they replaced the laptop.

So, my 3rd g75. I came home, booted it up, and i was horrified to find that this one has the exact same graphical issues. Also one of the LED's for the keyboard lights up much brighter than the rest, but this i can live with, though i should not have to.

Are these g75's really so horribly flawed?

Does anyone else experience these graphical problems, and if so, has anyone found a solution?
Since the store is not willing to cooperate it is unlikely i can get it replaced again. I have contacted asus' customer support, but so far no response, and from what im reading around the web their customer support is not great.

Model G75VW T1107V
I7 3610QM
GTX 670M 3 gb
16 gb ram
750gb SSHD

No modifications.

Hope to get some help from the experts on this forum, so i can make full use of my new not so great laptop. Please note that my technical knowledge is moderate at best, closer to novice, but i am willing to try almost whatever it takes, as long as it does not mean voiding the warrenty.

Thanks for your time. :-)

08-11-2012, 08:23 AM
Alright then, here is what i am thinking after searching around a bit. Is it possible, that there are compatability issues with this laptop/graphics card, and certain games? I am clearly not the only one with problems of this manner, but we may not all be playing the same games.

I am in the process of expanding my game library a bit to experiment with what works and what does not, i'd like you guys to do the same. Report in this thread what games youve tried, if the game is running through steam, and what the issue with the game is. Hopefully some of us will have the same errors, if you play the same games that are reported here, with no errors, please let us know, along with a describtion of what you did different, this would maybe let os know if the issue is with the individual user, or a larger group.

The games ive tested, and had problems in so far.

Grand theft auto 4. Run through steam. -low resolution, says the graphic card is at it's limit, but shows the graphic card is using only 202mb of 3012mb available RAM. Game will not run.

Grand theft auto San Andreas. Run through steam. -Mouse buttons will not work, neither mousepad or external mouse. Mouse movement does not always work during gameplay.

Trackmania United Forever. Run through steam. -Muddy graphics, low resolution textures.

Games so far i have run succesfully.

Transformers, War for cybertron. Run through steam.
Trackmania Nations Forever. Looks normal compared to United version, not entirely convinced it runs as it should though.
Farming simulater 2011 (just as a test).

Please add games and descriptions to the list, since the laptop is brand new i havent had the chance to test out that many games yet, i will add more later.

08-11-2012, 08:57 AM
It's not the laptop's fault. GTA4 is apparently poorly optimized, and has issues with GPUs with over 2GBs! Here's a link to a support page with a work-around: http://support.rockstargames.com/entries/20069778-issues-with-gta-iv-showing-video-cards-with-over-2gb-as-under-spec

Keep in mind that you might have to decrease shadows, anti-aliasing, and draw distance a bit in order to get decent framerates in GTA4, as it's horribly optimized, and from the limited research that I did, is very reliant on the CPU rather than the GPU to run. You might have better luck turning off the anti-aliasing in the game and using the nvidia control panel to force some anti-aliasing and texture filtering to make the game look decent and run well enough.

08-12-2012, 07:31 AM
It's not the laptop's fault. GTA4 is apparently poorly optimized, and has issues with GPUs with over 2GBs! Here's a link to a support page with a work-around: http://support.rockstargames.com/entries/20069778-issues-with-gta-iv-showing-video-cards-with-over-2gb-as-under-spec

I am very happy to hear that, wil definetly try that when i have the time.

But do you know anything about the other games ive experienced problems with? I will do more in deapth research on individual games once i have tested out my game library to find out what works and what doesnt.

I have new games that ive tested.

Runs normally:
GTA 3, run through steam.

Portal 2, run through steam.

Skyrim, run through steam.

Flatout 2, run through steam.

Games with issues:
GTA vice city, run through steam, mouse buttons do not work.

GTA episodes from liberty city, run through steam, same issues as gta 4 (wich is understandable).

Flatout ultimate carnage, run through steam, would not even start up (although this was also the case on my other computers).

It's still a fairly high ratio on wich games have issues, and i feel the need to point out that my 2 lower spec, but still fairly new (less than 6 months old) HP laptops do not have these issues. I planned on replacing the 2 HP's with a powerfull Asus since i heard that asus would be a much better choice, and since my old desktop was mostly asus, and it ran flawlesly for 8 years till i retired it, but instead it became a choice i am now beginning to regret.