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08-11-2012, 01:49 PM
I have a question...

My friend recommended the ASUS G75WV and I recently purchased one.

One danger I am concerned with is the power plug. My friend lost his laptop from a "trip" over the powercord and the plug ripped out of the motherboard.

I am wondering if there is a powercord that has a quick disconnect section that will seperate rather than the pressure being applied to the 90 degree plug?

08-11-2012, 02:01 PM
I am not aware of one, but I respect the idea and the safety it would bring.

Sometimes you need to mod you expensive toys based on the kind of environment you love in. I remember couple years ago when I put a new big screen up in my den... I had a lot of hyper friends who do stupid stuff and I just had a hunch one of them would end up breaking my flat screen if I didn't find a way to protect the screen. I decide to build a fancy lexan cover that framed the entire front panel (with some carefully planned aesthetic tweaks so it looked professional and not jury rigged). Within the 1st year my idea saved my panel from the very people I knew would break it... lol... so if you think it can happen, it's probably wise to act on it. (they threw a wii mote at my screen being the hyper idiots that they are.... and no they do not play on that screen in my den anymore, cause I call them out on it everytime they ask lol)

My suggestion for you is.....If you have some basic electrical wiring experience this is something you could quickly and easily modify on your own with parts from your local electronics store and a soldering iron.... you could even use some wiring shrink wrap to give it a clean look.

You will need a heavy duty male and female DC power adapter and mount them in-line between the power block and the computer. This this will give you a mid line break point and possibly save your laptop from falling if the cord gets snagged.

More than likely you will have to cannibalize a DC power adapter or a power adapter kit to get the parts easily (but this will cost you under 10 bucks for the whole mod, if you already have the tools on hand). Just be sure you get a male/female adapter that matches the specs of the G75 power block (you don't want to get tiny ones)

08-11-2012, 02:08 PM
I appreciate the feedback...

Yeah I kind of figured I could make my own - Radio Shack is just a few blocks away :-)

But was curious if there was already something out there.

Thanks... If I do make my own, I'll post the pix.