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08-13-2012, 05:31 PM

We, the XNightCups team, are a team specifically dedicated in the area of PC Games event hosting, with our greater goal being to offer something extra to both the professional and casual gamers in order to enhance their gaming experience. The team of XNightCups would like to offer ASUS ROG a partnership offer for our future events in order to allow us to offer even greater services to gamers' world and the Electronic Sports. We are sure that we can offer an advertising package sufficient enough for you as we deem necessary all potential partnerships to be of gain to both parties. All will be included below in order for you to have the necessary content in order to consider our offer, if you wish.

Firstly a few words about XNightCups and what makes it so special. Our website solely focuses on gaming (eSport) event hosting on a global scale. We are best known for our Call of Duty 4 cups (either 32 or 64 team ones), which have been attended by many of the top professional European teams, including the very best, Phantasmagoria. In what we offer live streaming is also included, making our events more "interactive" with the eSports audience-fans, giving them the chance to spectate their favourite team through the live streaming featured, which we assign to a specialist streaming organization.

What would ASUS ROG gain? To begin with the statistics by themselves do the talking. Your company will be promoted amongst at least 160 (32 teams x 5 players) gamers that will participate in each event, a figure which does not include their managers and their staff and what's most important, their fans. Something worth noting, on our last event our website had 476 unique visits just during the day of the event, an important figure. Furthermore the live streaming feature which is directly streamed by our website and the streamers website gives your company a direct advertisment aimed towards the audience, during the live stream itself, making it an advertisment which will definately be noticed.

An indication of what we can offer to ASUS ROG:

1. Banner advertisment in our official website, with the text-slogan of your choice.
2. Advertisment in our posts on tek-9, the biggest gamers' forum (our posts attract at least 200 visits per post)
3. Your logo to be included on official event banners, which are promoted together with the tournament.
4. Promotion through the live-streaming

In case you are interested we can discuss the terms and provide you with an advertisment package solely for you requirments, which can include all or some of the above, plus more methods to suit your preferances and enhance the whole promotional package, based on yours and/or our further suggestions.

Please also bear in mind that our website will be relaunched within August with redesigned content and features in order to give a more gamer-friendly and professional look to our services. Also our team will be enhanced with further additions to make even more successful what we have completed to this point, by filling out key specialised positions, which between others will help us promote our website better locally on certain nations and will also consist of a new marketing department featuring a brand new concept.

Some useful links:

http://www.tek-9.org/forum/cups_-_tournaments-38/road_rage_new-years_cup32-32with_prizes-96360.html?page=2 Our biggest, to this point, cup in terms of prestige. Amongst the participants you can notice Phantasmagoria (the #1 EU professional team, as stated below), imex (Croatia), mTq (Spain), druidz.pt (Portugal) (all top professional teams), team eNigma (semi-pro level champions), Valeo (mixed team of players from ex and current players of the top10 professional European teams).

www.xnightcup.webs.com - Our website until this point

We hope that an ASUS ROG representative will consider our offer.

In case there are any questions, please feel free to contact me on my personal e-mail nextgenorg@hotmail.com

Best Regards,
George Hadjipavlis
on behalf of the XNightCups Team

08-16-2012, 01:35 PM
Is there anyone from ASUS ROG I can contact?

08-16-2012, 05:48 PM
Is there anyone from ASUS ROG I can contact?

I'm not sure who handles the European sponsorships. If there is an ASUS facebook page for your region you might try there as well.

08-19-2012, 09:22 AM
Can't seem to find a relevant page on facebook unfortunately.

Also our base would be Europe but our events extend to Asia and N.America.

If by any chance an ASUS representative could contact me I can swiftly just explain our vision and provide marketing details and I can propose an advertisement package .