View Full Version : GPU tweak monitor window + SLI = :S

08-14-2012, 09:13 PM
i first noticed this when i first upgraded to sli but i didnt really look into it too much,
but on the monitor window gpu tweak is getting confused,

im not sure which way round it is mixed but i think the temperature value for card one is actually showing the value for card two
the custom fan speed profile works propperly but i notice when i raise the fan speed to 100% on one card the fan speed value in the monitor goes up on GPU#1 but the temperature goes down on GPU#2.

this is not effecting me in any way other than in an OCD manor, but i just thought i should say

i havnt included any images or videos but if anyone from ROG did want to look into it more then just send me a message and il colect some for you.