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08-17-2012, 02:27 AM
Hi, all. I am a new owner (about a month) of G55V from Malaysia (My english is not good, pls bare with me). No doubt, it is a awesome machine; appearance & performance are top notch. Ofc. there are also some minor concerns/problems (what I had read here).

To me, my machine work quite “OK”, and I am here to get some CPU & GPU temperature benchmark from peer. It may eventually serve as a reference for others. I understand temp. below 100C is classify as within spec for many manufacturer even Intel and Nvidia. Ofc. as a user, I will like it to be much cooler, or at least within the nominal value of same product, different piece.

For your info, I am using HWmonitor to capture the Max. temperature. For each test below, I restart window > wait ≈5 min (cool down) > re-launch HWmonitor > start test. Ofc. there are better way to capture, I use what I used to:D

Room Condition = Roughly 30C, without Air Conditioning.

1. GPU (GTX660M) temp. under Furmark; Burn-in benchmark 1920x1080 15min
-71C max (no throttle; @auto boost 950/1250MHz)

2. CPU (3610QM) temp. under Prime95 (Turbo Boost “OFF” = Maximum processor state = 99%); In-place large FFTs 15min
-79C max (no throttle; @rated base clock 2.3GHz)

3. CPU (3610QM) temp. under Prime95 (Turbo Boost “ON” = Maximum processor state = 100%): In-place large FFTs 15min
-97C max (No throttle and Turbo Boost fluctuate between 2.8GHz to 3.1GHz)

4. Combine 1 & 2 at the same time
-76C max for GPU, 88C max for CPU

Note: I never try 1 & 3 at the same time as 3 alone was already scary:mad:

I see (here & other side) there are many different results within the same model; G55V. It may due to the test method, setting and ofc. batch from factory. Anyone care to share some result using the same method? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Change font color on the test method

08-17-2012, 05:13 AM
Well, not identical, but I ran two of the tests. At 25 degrees Celsius ambient, with AC.

Furmark burnin resulted in a max temperature of 67 after 15 minutes

Prime95 w/Turbo on resulted in a max temperature of 90 after 15 minutes, though that was before the fans kicked all the way up. Once they ramped all the way up, the temp never got above 88.

With both tests the CPU was back to pre-test temps within 2 minutes. On the Prime95 test the temp dropped from 88 to 62 within seconds of the test ending.

08-17-2012, 09:00 AM

If turbo can't keep 3.1Ghz, then I consider throttling.


Room temp 32C.
CPU Turbo ON.
GPU stock clocks.

One test:

Prime max heat 1h - CPU = 91C - constant 3.1Ghz
Furmark (can't remember for how long) - GPU = 71C - some throttling warning Furmark gives for 660M, can't say why, clocks look stable.

03-05-2013, 10:42 AM
Playing Crysis 3 for 50min

room temp: 22c

Cpu: 94c (one core) other three 89-91c
gpu: 74c

03-06-2013, 03:55 AM
where can i get and download Furmark and Prime95 for free version?

03-06-2013, 02:58 PM
Furmark http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/
Prime 95 http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=205