View Full Version : YouTube videos out of sync with audio help...

08-17-2012, 03:13 PM
Short back story: I have the G75VW-DS71 with the Geforce GTX 660M. I was having a few of the issues with some games (Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, TF2, etc.) that others were having like game freezes/lags for a brief 2 seconds with audio being distorted, so I downloaded and installed the Verde video drivers directly from the Nvidia website. The current driver version I'm running is I have also uninstalled the McAfee antivirus and am currently running AVG. So here's my major issue:

Every video that I have tried to watch, either straight from YouTube or embedded on such websites like Reddit.com or even Facebook are out of sync. This issue was occurring even on the factory installed original drivers. Anybody else having this issue or know any fixes to this problem?

Also, another issue that I've had is that when I'm in a multiplayer game and I try to use the factory installed mic, the sound quiets down permanently after I use it for the first time. Any suggestions?