View Full Version : Sound starts to flicker under slitghly pressure (G55VW)

08-17-2012, 03:33 PM
Hi, I'm sitting her with my laptop G55VW, which I bought a few months ago (2-3).
Considering the already crappy bugs from the soundsystem/driver I experienced another anoying problem.
When I sit here just downloading a game I play music from a media player (note: Not streaming). The sound starts to flicker and make awful noises. This seemed to happend when the computer itself got under some easy "work".

I'm considering sending it in to repairing, but first I would see if I could fix this with help from the internett. I will also do a bencmark test soon, to see if the problem also happends under the test.


Looked at the test, seemed like 2D Graphic Mark was low, to be G55VW.