View Full Version : G53SW Graphics Problem While Gaming

08-19-2012, 05:23 AM
Hello, I believe my GPU is overheating while I game. A few minutes after I start a game up (Diablo III in this case), the dark colors turn to red and flash between dark or red colors. If I minimize the game, the screen returns to normal in under a minute or so. I pulled SpeedFan up and everytime the problem occurred, the temperature on my GPU was ~78-80 Celsius.
What I've done to try and resolve the problem (none worked so far): lower graphics settings in the game, roll back drivers, update drivers (already updated).
Just for the heck of it, I ran FurMark a few times and my GPU steadily climbs to ~85 degrees (the pixel thing does NOT happen in FurMark for some reason) where it seems to flatline. Fans kick hard at 80, kick what sounds like max speed at 85.
So does anyone know of any possible remedies for this?
Edit: My G53 is just over a year old. I've held off on trying to blow dust out of the vents and/or reapply thermals to the GPU because I've heard tearing this notebook down is a pain. The temperature range while gaming doesn't seem any different than when I would game in the past on this notebook (although I never recorded temps).

Edit: I'd like to add: I noticed that when the problem does occur while gaming, pressing lightly on the top right of the bezel/screen in a downward motion solves the problem as long as light pressure is held. That's where the gpu is held in the notebook, right? Is it possible that some connection is loose on the GPU?

09-16-2012, 07:55 PM
hi! i've got the same issue with my g53sw, first i've noticed that maybe 6 months after i bought the laptop, so i've brought the laptop to ASUS Service Center, their diagnosis was the faulty GPU board, so they replaced it somehow. All is well until recently, around 2-3 weeks, the screen issue appears again with additional fault. first, when i started the laptop from sleep/standby mode, the display wont show,tried to reboot but with the same issue,somehow after few reboots,display seems working out fine but after few days, i've had some windows error like no video cards detected then it suddenly shutdowns.
Since i'm working at sea (ship), i have no chance to bring it to any ASUS service center for checking, I've decided to disassemble the laptop by myself except the cpu (to avoid voiding my warranty). what i did was reseating the GPU,clean some contacts.. then after that, I was so relieve that it appears normal again.