View Full Version : Windows 8 RTM on Technet now, whos tested it on these?

08-19-2012, 07:07 PM
With WIndows 8 RTM up on Technet now, whos tested it on the G75 notebook? Do the Win7 x64 drivers work fine for it or what? Thinking about making a system image and trying it out.

08-20-2012, 04:11 PM
I have installed Windows 8 RTM Enterprise from MSDN and it's working fine. I ran into issues with the WLAN driver which caused bluescreens on boot for some reason, so I just left it running the base Windows WLAN/LAN drivers.

Things are running pretty well, although we can't use WHQL Windows 8 NVidia drivers for those running the GTX 660m.

I've run the consumer/release previews on an older G73JH which ran without any issues but unfortunately just died on me due to graphics card death.

It definitely is running nicely though.

EDIT - I was able to install the BETA Windows 8 NVidia drivers for my 660m, I guess I was trying to install the desktop drivers which wasn't detecting my card earlier. I found the link in a post on here, so thanks for that.

Main issues I have experienced with the G75 (and prior G73) were related to having to switch my VPN client from Cisco VPN client to Shrewsoft VPN client due to issues with the Cisco client. I also was previously running Eset smart security for AV, and one of the components in the Smart Security suite (not the main AV protection) wouldn't work.

Again though, steer clear of the Atheros driver package from ASUS site because after installing and rebooting I get a Windows 8 bluescreen only resolved by performing a system restore.

Oh, and Power4Gear hybrid does not work either and I had to install a later ATK package ( I believe) which I found searching ATK package on ASUS support downloads site. The driver package with the rest of the driver downloads won't work with Windows 8, but the newer version works fine except for the wifi toggle which I suppose is not working because I haven't installed an Atheros driver package.

All in all, minor issues which won't impact my ability to use my G75 for work and play.

Hope this helps anyone else considering taking the plunge. The water's fine.

08-26-2012, 01:37 AM
I can confirm you should stay clear of the Atheros bluetooth package--that's a mess that blue screens win 7 as well (until removed), also some of its drivers aren't certified and evidently poorly tested.

win8 install failed on asus p9x79. (guessing may be because of having intel raid on the boot drive.) win8 install worked on my asus notebooks.

you may also want to install latest (i.e. the beta) nvidia graphics drivers, which are combined win7/win8 drivers, before trying win8 install.