View Full Version : z5500 and phoebus or dx?

08-21-2012, 12:22 AM
Hi guys,

Im gaming (bf3 90% and 10% sc2) with a logitech z-5500 setup, just pulled them out of storage and havent had them hooked up since my creative x-fi platinum was still around (maybe 2 years ago?). I wanted to give asus a try since there has been mediocre reviews on the current core3d products. My signature i think is old but currently on a maximus iv gene-z gen3 and have them hooked up to onboard, I gotta say Im impressed but they lack the clarity and positioning I remember these having with a deticated card.

originally I wanted to just get an asus DX since it seems to do good, but the extreme side of me doesn't want to regret not getting the pheobus in case I end up using a high end headset in the future. Currently Im just using a corsair 1500 for a headset since I was planning on running a 670 sli but I dont think i want to sli anytime soon I wanna jump into a sound card :D