View Full Version : N53SV keeps throttling to AC and Battery mode

08-21-2012, 11:06 AM
Hello everyone,

First off, I'd like to apologize if this is the incorrect place to post this problem of mine. I really have no idea where else to look
for help on this matter.

I own an ASUS N53SV manufactured refurbished laptop, and just recently (after 11 months of use) the battery intermittently goes on and off AC/Battery mode.

I have tried googling, and mostly to no avail, but after carefully perusing through some sites and this forum I've been able to
see some similar problems from other people.
For instance, I checked this site out, and their forum, and one person has a similar problem to mine

this is the thread,
and this is the video that the OP from that forum posted that seems quite similar to my problem

I've also sifted through these forums and to the best of my ability found some help that I think could possibly be related to
my problem

Here is the link to this forum that seems like a possible solution to my problem; specifically brecker's response

I've also bought a new charger off from ebay, but once it arrived, it just didn't seem to work. My Laptop isn't working now
because the battery seems to be all used up.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Googling just didn't seem to help quite a bit in my situation.
Thank you.