View Full Version : BIOS problem. G53 won't boot

04-25-2011, 06:45 PM
So I just got my laptop back from repairs less than a week ago and now it isn't working again.

All I did was go into BIOS settings and enable Fancystart and animated POST logo, and upon save & exit my laptop no longer starts. It 'turns on' but only the power light, num lock, caps lock, and on/off lights button light up. The fans make noise, but nothing else works, and the computer won't start.

I did some research and this seems to have happened to others with ASUS PCs. One proposed solution was to reset the CMOS, which on the G53 requires you to tear the laptop completely apart and I am not very experienced with such things. Others said they had to send their computers in.

It is the last week of classes before finals and I would really prefer to fix this myself. Does anyone know how to fix this?