View Full Version : How to clean the dust and fan of G55?

08-30-2012, 12:44 AM
How to clean the dust and fan of G55? And can I change the Hard Driver into a SSD?

08-30-2012, 04:04 AM
Maybe here you can find what you need http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=245mYSFJdvk i is from the G75 but is more or less the same idea for a G55 did not look at the whole video so it also says how to change your HDD it's very easy to do and otherwise google on it ,and for the fan if you dont have a hobby compressor you can also use a hoover with a soft brush or just use a soft brush to clean.

And maybe other people have more ideas how to and what.

Almost Tactful
08-30-2012, 04:12 AM
For my G55 I just shoot a couple shots of canned air into the rear vents when it's off. Unlike the 75 the 55 does NOT have filters. Also the HDD for SSD swap is easy, remove the access panel on the bottom, remove HDD, install SSD, profit.