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08-31-2012, 03:10 AM
hello everyone.
so I am out of the country and wanted a laptop that can manage my work and gaming needs, unfortunately all the local deals had good specs except the graphic card, until a week ago I came across agood deal on a asus g53sx and I just took the chance and bought it since similarly priced laptops had lower specs, yes it was a little bit more expensive than whats offered in amazon and newegg and I could have just ordered a sager or g55 with gtx 670 or even a 7970m for the same price but it will lead me to wait for an extra 10 days for the shipment to reach my country and I will have no way to return it if it was faulty. so I bought the g53 without hesitation.
anyway lets get to the point.
overall the laptop is a beast and top notch built quality ( except little keyboard flex )
I noticed when playing games on 1920x1080 I don`t get high FPS, not what I expected at all, so I decided to lower the resolution to 720p and gaming went smoothly in most of my games but I faced the issue of poor picture quality since I am not running at native resolution, the picture looked kind of blurry and fonts looked weird.
so now I don`t know what to do, unfortunately I cannot return it since the guy brought it from USA new ( got it as a present) and had no use for it and wanted to sell it, so when I contacted him he said he already spent the money and cannot help unless exchange with a his own laptop, and he pay the difference cuz he wanted to help.

here are my FPS in some of the games I have installed
borderlands:- 35FPS full settings, 45-50FPS dynamic shadows off.
red faction armageddon:- 22-30 FPS ( even on medium settings low FPS)
far cry:- 33-35FPS stutter and almost unplayable.
stalker call of pripyat:- 25-33 FPS depends on the settings but this is as high as I can get.
supreme commander 2:- 30-50FPS ( good performance and steady frames, no stutter or anything).

so unless I reduce the resolution there is no way I can play first person shooter in this laptop cuz of low FPS.
I know that the 560M 2GB has only a memory bus bandwidth of 128bit( didn`t know at the time of purchase but even though its suppose to produce good performance regardless, maybe its 10-15% less powerful than the 192bit version.

can anyone give me some insight about this, perhaps away I can get a sharp picture in 720p or something.

waiting for your replies guys.

08-31-2012, 10:26 AM
To get sharp 720p, play the game in a window. Otherwise, you really can't, since 1080p/720p is not a multiple of two. There will be sub-pixel scaling, which leads to blurriness.

08-31-2012, 01:47 PM
To get sharp 720p, play the game in a window. Otherwise, you really can't, since 1080p/720p is not a multiple of two. There will be sub-pixel scaling, which leads to blurriness.
thank you for pointing this out, you are right yesterday when I turned off scaling and set game settings to 720p or other resolution the picture became sharp but in a box inside the screen, which is too small, I wonder what resolution would scale well on a 1080p screen instead of 1920x1080, it seems like 560M 2GB seriously hits memory bandwidth bottleneck at this resolution, the only way to play games at full HD is to reduce the games settings dramatically and some games don`t even produce adequate frame rates even on low settings, maaan! I really miss my x79 reg back home, although I have a OCed 6950 1GB but it plays everything I throw at in full settings at 60FPS. when I bought the g53sx I didn`t expect the same performance but I expected good frame rates in older games such the ones I play right now.

I which there is a work around this without having to connect to an external monitor.

09-01-2012, 01:37 AM
960x540 would be the only candidate, since you could go into the nVidia settings and create that resolution. It says that it can damage your monitor, but if you don't touch the timing settings (leave those as defaults), nothing bad will happen, Windows will just report that resolution as a valid one. Otherwise, you are out of luck :(.