View Full Version : The fps' that you determinated in games!!

09-01-2012, 12:33 PM
This topic will explain our hardware or software issue perfectly.I hope we will help our g55/g75's with diffirent fps' in same games and don't forget to explain your model of g55/g75. And when we want to add a game we can edit our entrys.Also when you want to insist our low fps with some game put "!!!" and it will be alert for this game.
Im beginning:
g75vw-rs72 with 305.67:

fear 3(everything is ultra ,1920*1080 ,2x anti-alising) :30fps and if 4x anti-alising :20fps !!!
dirt 3(everyting is ultra ,1920*1080) :40-45fps
crysis warhead(dx10 ,everything is ultra ,1920*1080 ,16x antialising) :15fps !!!
hard reset(everything is ultra ,1920*1080) :35-40fps
pure(everything is ultra ,1920*1080) :+60fps
assassins creed(dx10 ,everything is ultra ,1920*1080) :60fps
sniper elite v2(everything is ultra ,1920*1080) :60fps
metro 2033(dx11 ,everything is ultra but advanced dof is off ,1920*1080) :25-30fps
split second(very high setting ,1920*1080 ,vsync on) :20fps !!!

edit: why didnt you enter any entry to this topic :(