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09-02-2012, 03:44 AM
I just emailed asus support, I couldnt be bothered re typing it all so i just copyied and pasted what i sent in the email.
Please please let me know if you have any idea's on how i can fix this.

Sometimes probably about once every two days on average it seems my computer overloads and just blanks out. I watched the screen froze and turned a purple pixelated color. I could still see the desktop, it was almost as if a pixelated purple hue was applied to the whole screen. I could slowly move the mouse for a few seconds and then it just stopped. I held the power down and shut it off, restarted windows normally and all is fine.

This only happens when im running a few applications at once. The whole reason of me buying such a good laptop off such an established brand was too avoid errors like these.

My computer is currently running on 11% cpu and when i seem too open up more java clientss it completely crashes and goes purple. IT has fixed it self once out of the 20-30 times.
I have contacted asus and theey advised me too download and instal the new driver..


To open the file, simply do the following:

01. Download the file by clicking on the link above and clicking Save As.
02. Save the file on to your Desktop so you can find it easily after it has downloaded.
03. When the download completes click Open, and then extract the files by doing the following:

For Windows 7:
04. Click Extract All Files at the top of the folder.
05. Follow the prompts and change the Extract To directory by clicking Browse.
06. Select Desktop at the top and then click Make New Folder at the bottom.
07. Leave the name as New Folder.
08. Click on the New Folder you have made to highlight it and then click Ok.
09. Click Extract.
10. When the files have extracted, a new folder should appear on the screen with a list of files. Find a file named either Setup, ASUSSetup, 2kSetup, DP_INST or PNPINST, the file type will be Application, and run it.
11. Follow the prompts to complete the install.
12. Once installation completes, restart the machine.

(this didnt work i contacted them again)

they then instructed me too :
Please use the following link to download the latest VGA graphics driver for your machine


This still haven't worked for me and i am really disappointed with the service.

Here are some examples of people with the same problem:

I really don't want too have too ship my laptop all around the country and i paid a substantial amount of money for this product too stay clear of this! this has been happening since the day i purchased it. Please give me some actually advice and explain too me what is causing the problem and how i can fix it myself without having too send laptop away,

09-02-2012, 03:54 AM
I'd uninstall your current NVIDIA driver from "Control Panel - Uninstall a program" and then give the procedure in @PILGRIM's post: http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?15284-Asus-g74sx-video-card-issue&p=111805&viewfull=1#post111805 a try to remove any NVIDIA driver remnants that may be causing your problem and install the NVIDIA 304.79 BETA (the mobile version from the NVIDIA web site) from Windows Safe Mode.