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09-03-2012, 03:51 PM

My ASUS G74SX works reasonably well.

Recently I decided to test my 100mbit/s broadband connection to see how well it matches it's promised performance.

On my old desktop PC I have a very stable 95mbit/s send/recieve speed.

On my ASUS g74SX the speed varies between 8-24 Mbit/s on both wireless and LAN settings.

I suspect that that the cause of this much slower speed than my other computer is because the Atheros LAN card in the ASUS G74SX is bad.

I have tried setting the duplex setting for the network cards from autoconfigure to set speeds but it only makes the desktop slower and does not increase speed on the ASUS.

Not really relevant but I have tried many different variants (various cat-5 and cat-6 cables, with and without NetGear Gigabyte router, etc). The speed always is lower than on the other PC and never stable.

Is there any way to increase the internet speed without replacing the network card? Obviously my ISP provides speeds up to 95mbit/s but the ASUS can only handle a lot less.

If this is an issue of ASUS putting in a cheap and crappy LAN card and it has to be replaced I will never again buy any ASUS products. Just saying...

Thanks for any advice.

09-03-2012, 06:52 PM
You have Realtek Ethernet (not Atheros) in your G74SX. The G74SX models also ship with either Intel w/WiMAX or Atheros WiFi cards. Check the "Network Adapters" in Device Manager to see which WiFi card you have.

If you do have an Atheros card, confirm you have Atheros driver version Earlier version drivers have bad DPC Latency, which robs your laptop of performance in a number of areas.

Internet download and upload speeds depend on the server you're connecting to, the routing to that server, and how busy the server and network are at the time of your test. They can be quite variable. How are you determining your speeds?