View Full Version : slow WLAN and LAN speeds

09-04-2012, 02:20 PM
I have intel wireless - 105 and LAN - Atheros AR8151 cards. So wlan max speed is 50mbit - 6,25MB/s and via the LAN max speed is 70mbit - 8,75MB/s. In another pc via the WLAN max speed is 95mbit - 11,9 MB/s and via the LAN is full 100mbit - 12,5 MB/s.

I have Linksys wireless e4200. Via the WLAN this intel 105 card is slow because have one bandwith - 2,4ghz. But is so strange why via the LAN I cant get full speed?? in card properties Speed & Duplex is Auto or full 100 mbit - problem not solved. Internet security disable - problem still exist.

What is wrong? :(